Album Review: Taylor Swift, “1989” (2014)

It’s hard for me to say this, but: I am now a Taylor Swift fan.  A reluctant fan, but still a fan, nonetheless.  What else can I call myself when I downloaded her latest album the same day it was released?  What else am if I actually enjoyed said album and listened to it on repeat for weeks after its debut?

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Single Review: Taylor Swift, “Blank Space” (2014)

Now, I definitely feel too old to call myself a Taylor Swift fan, and I don’t like *everything* she does, but if I’m being honest, I’ve really enjoyed her newest album, “1989.” Swift’s new “more pop-less-country” sound is fitting, and I’m a sucker for good pop music- and 1989 is full of it.

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Album Review: Taylor Swift, “Red” (2012)

I have a very strange, love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift.  I generally don’t want to like her music, but sometimes I find myself bobbing my head along to one of her songs on the radio.  I hate that she blatantly bashes all of her exes in her songs, but at the same time, as someone who is also extremely honest about my own life in written form (though my dirty laundry has been confined to blogs, instead of world-famous songs), I have to applaud her for sharing her truth.  And I am impressed by the fact that she’s one of the few young artists on the radio who actually writes all her songs.  Sometimes I see her Tweets, and think, “Aww, she’s so endearing!  I would be her friend…”, but then I see her whine on TV about how Tina Fey made fun of her at the Golden Globes, and I’m annoyed again.  The way I feel about Taylor Swift is just very, very complicated.

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