Radiohead in amsterdam

Radiohead is an English rock band. I first started listening to them in 2008. Over the summer of ’08, I listened to “In Rainbows” probably hundreds of times, and it quickly became one of my favourite albums. I loved the intricate melodies, Thom Yorke’s piercing falsetto, and the thought-provoking lyrics in each of the songs. After that, I properly educated myself on Radiohead’s albums, and found that I loved all of them.

In Rainbows is probably one of my favourite albums, period, but I do love the rest of Radiohead’s releases. Radiohead is such an inventive, creative band and their music is perfect for any type of mood- you just have to find the right song.

Album Reviews

In Rainbows (2007)

King of Limbs (2011)


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