Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore is an American singer-songwriter.  I know most people probably think it’s odd when I mention Mandy Moore as one of my favourite artists; more than likely, you’re thinking of the young girl who sang that ridiculous pop song, “Candy” and attempted to cash in on the late 90’s/early 2000’s “pop princess” fad.  Honestly, I didn’t care for Mandy much when she sang bubblegum pop (I was all about Britney Spears, then).  It’s her more recent albums that I’ve loved and which have solidified her as one of my favourite artists.

As an adult, Mandy has transitioned into more of a folk singer-songwriter, and she tends to write really beautiful, introspective songs which I can usually relate quite well to.  I’ve loved her past few releases and definitely recommend her to anyone who’s a fan of folk music.

Album Reviews

So Real (1999)

Coverage (2003)

Wild Hope (2007)

Amanda Leigh (2009)

Tangled (Original Soundtrack) (2010)


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