Lady Gaga’s “Sound Of Music” Tribute At The 2015 Oscars


In what has already become the most talked about musical moment of the Oscars this year, Lady Gaga performed a tribute/medley to songs from The Sound of Music.  Stripped from her usual eccentric attire and over-produced vocals, Gaga appeared on stage wearing a stunning white gown, simple hair and make-up, and simply…sang her heart out.

Honestly, I forget sometimes that Lady Gaga can sing.  She’s more known for the spectacle than for her singing ability or talent as a musician.  Most of her performances are talked about because of the wacky things she does or wears on stage; perhaps this will be the first time that her performance will be talked about because of her vocals. It was honestly just refreshing (and a bit surprising) to see her on stage, belting a song like a true pro. What a beautiful performance.

I’m re-thinking how I’ve overlooked her duet album with Tony Bennett (“Cheek to Cheek” released in 2014) now; based on tonight’s performance, I think I’d love it.  It’d honestly be the first time I’ve listened to or enjoyed Gaga’s music since 2008.

What did you think of Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance?  See the tribute it all its glory below:



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