Single Review: Foxes, “Don’t Stop Me Now” (2014)

I’m not usually a big fan of covers, but every once in a while, an artist gets it right.

Actually, I have one main rule for cover songs: don’t do it unless you can somehow improve upon the original, or at least perform it in a drastically different way than the original. It seems almost blasphemous to say anyone could do a Queen song better than Freddie Mercury did, so I can’t say that Foxes’ cover of “Don’t Stop Me Now” is BETTER than Queen’s, but I will say she does a truly unique and beautiful rendition.

English musician, Foxes, covered the 1979 classic for an episode of Doctor Who (“Mummy on the Orient Express”). She takes the previously bombastic pop classic, and turns it into a slinky jazz number; something that you’d expect to hear in a smoky lounge in the 1920’s. The real highlight of the cover is Foxes’ (real name, Louisa Rose Allen) smooth voice; she sounds absolutely gorgeous, and she sings the song with an elegance and grace that transports the listener to a different time.

Check out Foxes’ “Don’t Stop Me Now”:


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