My Concert List

One of my absolute favourite things to do is go to concerts. I love music and there is something so amazing about experiencing it live! I’ve gone to quite a few concerts over the years, and I plan on going to many more as the years go by. After going to the St. Vincent concert last night, I started thinking about the other concerts I’ve been to and all the ones I’d still like to see someday. I decided to share a list of the ones I’ve gone to (though I honesty think I’m forgetting a few!), and the ones I hope to go to in the future.

In no particular order (because I can’t even remember the year I saw some of these anyway, haha):

Concerts I’ve Been To:
John Mayer (x2)
Jamie Cullum
Sufjan Stevens (x2)
Jason Mraz
Iron & Wine
St. Vincent
Kelly Clarkson
Britney Spears
Relient K
Howie Day
Colbie Calliat (x2- though neither time I went to see her, per se- once she was a support for John Mayer and the second time she headlined with Howie Day)
K.T. Tunstall
Bright Eyes
Portugal. The. Man.
Sublime (tribute band)
Say Anything
Weird Al Yankovic (x3…yes, I was a big fan as a child, and he came to my city every year for the state fair, haha)

Local/Small Bands I’ve Seen:
The Rubens
Radial Angel
Olivia the Band
The Novelists
The Beards
Fox Elipsus…
Anthem Lights
Plus One
The Snowdroppers
Josh Ritter
Brett Dennan
Toby Mac

And just for funsies…live musicals that I’ve seen:
RENT (x2, one was a local college production, another was the national touring production)
Sweeney Todd
A Chorus Line
South Pacific
The Music Man
Into The Woods
Bring In ‘Da Noise, Bring In ‘Da Funk
Aladdin (at Disneyland)

Concerts I Want To See:
Sufjan Stevens (again)
Fiona Apple
Coldplay (again- would see them any time they’re in town, great live show!)
Jamie Cullum (again)
John Mayer (again, I would see him anytime I could)
Kanye West
Kings of Leon
Bon Iver
The National
Florence + The Machine
Nick Cave

Musicals I Want To See:
Spring Awakening
RENT (on Broadway, should it ever return!)
Avenue Q
The Book of Mormon
The Lion King
The Phantom of the Opera


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