Album Review: Feist, “The Reminder” (2007)

You’ve probably heard the song, My Moon My Man on those inescapable LG commercials and you’ve probably seen clips of the 1234 music video on the new iPod Nano ads. What you probably didn’t realize is that both songs are performed by Canadian indie-rocker, Feist.

The Reminder marks the singer-songwriter’s third studio album, and is a treat to the ears. Each song is highlighted by Feist’s trademark husky-yet-lovely vocals, and her original blend of catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

The album is led by the aforementioned singles; My Moon My Man boasts a bouncy tune and a chorus that’s hard to forget, while 1234 is a cheery sort of song that always has the ability to make me smile.Sea Lion Woman keeps the energy up with clapping and electric guitar, and the song ends up having a sort of tribal chant feeling to it. Past In Present is an airy rocker with tons of acoustic guitars and the banjo, which actually sound really great together.

Feist Coachella 2012 2

When Feist isn’t singing songs that’ll make you want to dance, she’s softly pondering the different aspects of relationships. On slower paced songs like A Limit To Your Love, she reflects on a confusing romance (“There’s a limit to your love/Like a waterfall in slow motion”), while Intuition questions whether or not a breakup was a wise decision in the end (“And it’s impossible to tell/How important someone was/And what you might have missed out on”). The album opens with So Sorry, a ballad which anyone could easily relate to (“I’m sorry/Two words I always think/After you’ve gone/When I realize I was all wrong”). How My Heart Behaves closes the disc and is another sentimental ballad about heartache (“The cold heart will burst/If mistrusted first/And a calm heart will break/When given a shake”), but the focus is mostly on Feist’s soothing vocals.

Feist’s third album is definitely one worth buying. Her sound is truly unique (though can best be compared to a mellower version of Imogen Heap mixed with Fiona Apple’s newer stuff), and the album is a terrific blend of fun songs and thought provoking lyrics. If you’re a fan of indie music, or singer-songwriters, The Reminder is an album you won’t regret purchasing.

Rating: 200px-4_stars.svg

Track Listing
1. So Sorry
2. I Feel It All
3. My Moon My Man
4. The Park
5. The Water
6. Sea Lion Woman
7. Past In Present
8. The Limit To Your Love
9. 1234
10. Brandy Alexander
11. Intuition
12. Honey Honey
13. How My Heart Behaves


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