Album Review: Jessica Simpson, “Sweet Kisses” (1999)

When Jessica Simpson hit the music scene in 1999, the radio was filled with songs by boy bands and pop princesses. It was fairly easy for new artists to get lost in the sea of Britney’s and Christina’s, but the thing that seemed to set Jessica apart from the others, was her undeniable talent and all-together wholesomeness.

While her debut album, Sweet Kisses, does hint to the fact that Jessica has talent, it seems that the record label spent more time trying to work on her “good girl” image, than picking quality songs that actually did her justice, and the result was a bunch of crappy songs that Tiffany or Debbie Gibson would’ve sang in the 80’s.

And so, despite the fact that her talent is basically lost on this album, and the songs themselves pretty much suck, I’d have to admit that Jessica’s debut album is still pretty decent, thanks to a few really great ballads, and her powerful voice.

The album starts off with Jessica’s first single, “I Wanna Love You Forever”, a sappy ballad about everlasting love. While Jessica’s vocals are great, the song itself is just any typical pop ballad about being in love.  Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane is sampled in “I Think I’m In Love With You”, which kinda makes me mad (’cause you just don’t mess with the classics, ya know?!), but I can deal with this track. It’s not so bad. Thanks to the sampled beat and a catchy chorus this song is worth listening to.

This is Jess and Nick pre-Newlyweds with “Where You Are.” This is another sappy love ballad (we get a lot of those on this album), but this time Nick and Jessica sing together. The good thing about this song is that they actually sound pretty good together, and I remember how sweet the video was, and I’m a sucker for real-life romance.

“Final Heartbreak” is pretty horrible. It’s just super-cheesy, and Jessica’s voice even comes off as annoying. Maybe a different producer could’ve made the song better (Eric Foster White is responsible for this disaster), but either way this song is bad. “Woman In Me (featuring Destiny’s Child)” is another song that just kind of sucks. Destiny’s Child is even dragged along for the torture, but even Beyonce and the other girl’s talent can’t save this train wreck. The song and lyrics are just horrible. I still don’t even know what the song is about- the lyrics just don’t make any logical sense.

Now, “I’ve Got My Eyes On You” is what I’d call a good pop song. Not that I’m saying the song is actually good– as in award-winning material- but it’s your typical Top 40 pop song. It’s got a catchy, singable hook, and lyrics about Jessica pursuing a guy. Good stuff!  “Betcha She Don’t Love You” is sorta similar to I’ve Got My Eyes On You. It’s practically the same beat and tune, but this time Jessica is trying to convince her man to choose her over the other woman. Another typical, predictable, pop song, but it’s decent.

The album gets a bit interesting for me after “My Wonderful.” It’s another sappy love song, but this time, it’s the pop-country feel to it that I like. And sure, the lyrics are extra sugary and sweet, but it’s kinda cute. The title track is a song that I can truly say I like. Another ballad, but it’s not what you’d expect. The lyrics aren’t all that original or great, but the melody is nice, and it’s a nice pop ballad. I find it more likeable than most other “girl pop” ballads (for the record, I must admit that I did like most of the ballads on Jessica’s album. It’s the uptempo songs that I didn’t care for.).

Your Faith In Me is the third consecutive ballad on the album. This is another one that I actually like. Here, Jessica is singing to her sweetheart and thanking him for being so supportive and all. It’s a sweet song, but Jessica finally gets to show off her vocals on this track. This is the first track when she shows people that she can really sing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I like it when artists feel it necessary to remind us of their talent in every single song, but it’s nice for them to show off once in a while, and Jessica finally does it here. She hits a nice high note around 3:40.

“Heart Of Innocence” is the only ballad on the album that I can say I don’t like, but just because it’s a bit boring. Even though Jessica’s voice is pleasant, the song is easily forgettable, but I’d take it over Final Heartbreak any day.

Jessica Simpson’s debut, “Sweet Kisses” has a few good ballads, and Jessica has an amazing voice…but some of these cheesy songs don’t really showcase her talent.

Rating: 3_stars.svg

Track Listing
1. I Wanna Love You Forever
2. I Think I’m in Love with You
3. Where You Are – (featuring Nick Lachey)
4. Final Heartbreak
5. Woman in Me – (featuring Destiny’s Child)
6. I’ve Got My Eyes on You
7. Betcha She Don’t Love You
8. My Wonderful
9. Sweet Kisses
10. Your Faith in Me
11. Heart of Innocence


*This is a brittpinkie “classic” review. I have edited this review for content and formatting, though retained my original opinion of the product.


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