Single Review: JC Chasez, “Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love)” (2002)

Before even releasing his first single, JC Chasez was a hit star. He toured the world, could be seen on countless magazines covers (including Rolling Stone), won countless music awards, and had 4 multi-platinum albums under his belt.

Of course, this is all due to the fact that he is 1/5 of the hugely popular group, *NSYNC.

After releasing their 3rd studio album, “Celebrity” *NSYNC took a brief hiatus. While JC’s other band mates, Justin, Joey, Lance and Chris, kept busy with separate solo endeavors, JC seemed to be MIA.

It wasn’t until December 2002, that we found out what JC had been up to. The teen flick Drumline was released to theaters and much to the delight of his fans, JC had signed on to provide a song for the movie’s soundtrack.

JC went in the studio with producer Dallas Austin (who has worked with various R&B acts, including TLC) and worked on a song that would soon form into “Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love).”

“Blowin’ Me Up”, musically, is extremely different from anything on the radio now. Sticking to the Drumline theme, the beat is comprised of drums and band instruments. The bass is loud, and pulsating and provides the perfect dance song.

The production on this song is superb. While there is a lot going on in the background, the production is done in a way that it doesn’t seem too busy, and doesn’t drown out JC’s singing. A breakdown in the middle of the song gives way to an instrumental band piece that is great.

As far as vocal talent goes, JC reigns supreme. He starts off the song singing in a kind of whispery, yet seductive, tone and then progresses to full-out yelling in the chorus. He even pulls the yelling off, and his vocals come damn close to those of Prince.

JC’s voice and the melody are definitely what make the song so awesome- even after listening to it over and over again, you won’t get tired of it. And the song has this whole mid-eighties feel to it that I love (and who doesn’t love the eighties nowadays?).

While the lyrics aren’t thought provoking, and don’t hold any real message, they’re still fun. JC sings in the hook, “Look at shorty/She was leaning on me/Getting horny/Maybe we’ll get naughty”. Again, not ground breaking, but still cute.

The cover art for the single presents JC atop a mass of drums. He’s giving the camera an intense stare, and for those of you that care about every detail, is wearing a dog tag around his neck that has his name engraved on it in diamonds.

On another note, JC also made a music video for “Blowin’ Me Up.” The video, which is also included as an extra on the Drumline DVD, is very colorful and fun. JC is at demolition derby, which I guess is supposed to go with the whole “blowing up” theme, and he shows off a few dance moves as well. His girlfriend at the time, Tara Reid, has a cameo in the video as the “love interest”.

The CD single also includes an instrumental track.

Rating: 5_stars.svg


*This is a brittpinkie “classic” review. I have edited this review for content and formatting, though retained my original opinion of the product.


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